green weddingWedding is the most memorable part of a couple’s life. Every one wants to make their wedding memorable and many couples thrive to make their wedding day unique and memorable.

Wedding themes help many of the couples to make their wedding unique.

But, many of them are forgetting their responsibilities towards nature and spoil the wedding surroundings.

Are you conscious about the world around you? Do not want to save the mother earth? Then prefer green wedding theme, as this wedding is close to the nature and cut down all the negative effects on the environment.

Many couples now-a-days are responsible towards the nature and are showing interest to get wed in green theme [Outdoor wedding].

Your nuptials should not damage the naturality of the environment and at the same time the wedding ceremony should not be boring.

You can make the green wedding ceremony fun and enthusiastic with certain changes in the wedding process.

You should be responsible towards the nature; you should only use social responsible products and incorporate ecological way in your wedding for a successful green wedding.

Do not worry too much; with minor changes you can make your green wedding memorable, enjoyable and at the same time environmental friendly too. You can enjoy the ultimate experience of green wedding with some changes in the wedding patterns.

Tips to follow for making the green wedding successful:

Location: When you are going to wed in daytime, prefer to wed in open spaces. This controls the unnecessary usage of current. Many love to wed in ballroom than the open spaces.

As you are having green themed wedding, you must prefer botanical gardens or beaches, backyards etc., where you do not need extra lighting set-ups.

Invitation cards: Wedding invitation cards are very important from the wedding favor party to the wedding reception party. These invitations cannot be overlooked or ignored, so use paper which is not made from tree.

Invitations can also be made of re-cycled paper and tree-free paper known as hemp. You can even send invitations by email as this does not cost you and it is also better than the paper invitations. You can show your creativity in the email invitation and make the invitation interesting.

Meals: This section is very important in every wedding and you cannot overrule. Inform your caterer about the themed wedding and discuss about the green themed menu. Take measures that you include vegetarian food and exclude the non-vegetarian food.

If you want to include non-vegetarian in the green wedding, see that they are free-ranged chicken and pesticide free beef which is not hazardous to health. Prefer organic drinks like fruit juices, organic teas and organic wine rather than processed drinks.

Weeding cake: How can one forget the wedding cake and its importance in the wedding ceremony. What ever may be the theme, wedding cake has its own importance. Go to a baker and order a cake that is made of natural ingredients and which is free of refined sweeteners.

Stick to organic cakes which have wheat floor as the basic staple in the cakes and to add sweetener to the cake, prefer real fruit syrups.



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