If you are thinking your wedding could be in an original place, just consider your favorite shop. This was one unusual placed wedding, so unusual, that simply could be called too much. On Valentine’s Day in New York Ya Ting Li and Joshua Li said “I do” in an Apple Store!

apple store weddingsThe store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan doesn’t provide wedding services, but this is definitely the first official wedding, hosted in their shops.

iphoneThe style of this eccentric wedding is yet to be defined, because no one till now got married in a shop. The reason is because, the couple, who are already Mr. and Mrs. Li met in an Apple Store.

The groom is fascinated by iPhones and all the tech gadgets, that Apple are offering in their retails. The bride used his passion over iPhones to start her very first conversation with Joshua.

After some time together, they both decided to marry in the place, which linked them – the Apple store.

The wedding rings were brought on an iPod. Their vows were written on cards, which said –“I love you more than Тhis”, where “this” simply meant, that they love each other more than they do love an iPhone.

So far this proves that love can be expressed through different ways and in different places.



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