fireworksWhen planning a wedding, especially in summer or spring, flowers, trees, colorful bushes are all temptations for the couples wishing a spectacular garden wedding.

An outdoor wedding ceremony includes different locations like gardens, castle backyards or even the couple’s own house garden if it is large enough to suit the ceremony.

Flowers, trees, spring or summer decorations, candles and outdoor lighting help to prepare a perfect atmosphere for the guests. Also an impressive fireworks display makes the wedding more spectacular.

The fireworks display can be evaluated while the cake is brought in during the couple’s first dance or after the best man’s speech. Regardless of when the show displays, it gives unforgettable moments and cheers up the atmosphere.

With different colors and shapes, the fireworks display can present the couple’s initial letters for a beautiful view in the sky showing their love.

Palms, smiling faces and red hearts can be chosen from a large variety of shapes suited for the wedding.

Also before or after the fireworks, confetti, cake or bottle sparkles can be brought into the area to maintain the exhilarating feeling.

The festive firework displays can be chosen to fit the couple’s wedding concept color and atmosphere. If the ceremony area is full of pink and red, a fine red heart display would be more suitable.

A garden wedding with a fine fireworks show giving the right touch to the ceremony style will be spectacular for both couples and guests and result in a wonderful memory.



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