Do you want to tie your knot with your loved one in a beautiful garden? Wedding in a beautiful garden can be a dream come true for every one.

But, it is very important for you to plan properly. Planning a garden wedding can be lots of fun and it offers one of the most romantic and sensual locations for celebrating your special day.

However, it is very important for you to keep your garden wedding as simple as possible to make it elegant and awesome.

You have to consider many factors while planning garden wedding. So, let’s go through each of them to make garden themed wedding successful.

Right month!

Before you even begin to plan for your garden wedding, it is very important for you to make sure that you choose right month for your wedding.

Always remember that garden wedding particularly requires right place and also right climatic condition to make it fabulous.

Popular months of garden wedding can be mostly May and September. Even, you have to be sure with the type of temperatures that you want to have during your wedding.

Know more about flowers that will be in bloom!

If you know what kind of flowers bloom during your wedding month, it can be beneficial for you to choose and you can use them in your wedding decorations.

Particularly, know more about the colors that you get during that particular time, so that you can use it for your wedding theme.

Go for wooden chairs!

Wooden chairs can particularly symbolize your garden wedding theme. You have one more advantage with these wooden chairs; they don’t get as hot as metal chairs in sun.

White folding wooden chairs and also chiavari chairs also goes well with your garden wedding theme.

Use garden theme invitations!

Your invitations are the primary part of your wedding that signifies your wedding theme. So, if you want to go for garden theme in your wedding, consider using invitations of handmade papers with pressed flowers overlaid on it. You can also use various clip arts of garden plants, flowers, butterflies on your wedding invitations.

Hold garden wedding at night!

If you really want your garden wedding to be most fabulous and elegant, you can plant it at night. Having lights added to your garden can give a dazzling look to your wedding decoration.

Even, nothing goes wrong if you plan it during day time, you can enjoy the beautiful bloom of flowers.

If you include fragrant flowers in your wedding decoration, they can give good essence and smell during night time.

These are only some ideas to spark your imagination. You can add your own uniqueness into your garden wedding. Plan carefully and make your garden themed wedding elegant and also memorable event in your life.



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