fall weddingWedding means two lovers come together to express their love and commitment to each other.

Brides usually prefer summer or spring weddings for a happy start with colorful flowers, shining sun, etc.

Other than the “happiness” factor, the romance part can be expressed more in an autumn wedding. One of the main advantages of a fall wedding is its cost. It is less costly to organize a fall wedding than a spring or summer one.

In addition, the competition of finding a dream wedding gown does simply not turn into a disaster when it is fall.

Various kinds of dresses are easy to find, plus, if looking for a tailored one, the tailors would be more relaxed and free comparing with spring or summer days.

To decorate the wedding, autumn gives couples perfect answers for the questions “where” and “how”. Beautiful shades of autumn can be decorated in an old mill, barn, church, meeting house, etc. Colors like jewel tones, reds, oranges, browns and yellows will fit the outside atmosphere.

With these romantic issues, guests might be wondering if it is going to rain or not. Usually, if time is scheduled according to the weather forecast, a fall wedding day should not be a rainy one.

However, for the cold weather, a fireplace decoration might be appropriate for both giving the romantic atmosphere and a warm welcome to the guests.



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