Today, eco-friendly is a term that we are all familiar with. Everywhere we turn there is heightened awareness of eco-friendliness and conservation.

No matter what our activity, therefore, it is a great idea to adhere to the guidelines laid out for being eco-friendly.

Here are some tips for you to plan for an eco-friendly wedding:

  • First and foremost, you could choose to use an eco-friendly invite for your eco-friendly wedding. This way, you could avoid using precious paper for printing out your invites. If you do feel that your wedding would not be complete without a proper paper invite, then you could opt for recycled paper and recycled envelopes.
  • You could choose an eco-friendly location for your wedding, that is, a location that will showcase the beauty and the splendor of Mother Nature.
  • When purchasing your wedding rings, you could choose a jeweler who is known for his eco-friendliness. This kind of jeweler uses recycled gold, and also uses only fair trading practices. He is also a person who believes in using stones whose origins are not debatable. Inquire about the stone you have chosen for your ring, and make sure it is not a so called ‘blood diamond’.
  • You could choose only local vendors for your wedding decorations, cakes and so on and so forth. This will help you avoid heavy transportation costs, and also make sure that you have not harmed the environment through fuel emissions.
  • You could choose to use a pre-loved wedding dress to walk down the aisle. It could have belonged to your grandma or to your mother when she got married. Simply modify it all a little bit to suit your requirements, and hey presto, you have a heritage dress on your hands! This way, you would have avoided the cost of a brand new wedding dress.
  • When it comes to your wedding gifts, I know that it is indeed exciting to receive them. You could choose to inform your guests about places where eco-friendly gift items are available. On the other hand, you could give the names of your favorite charities to your guests, and your guests could choose to deposit money that they meant to buy the gift for you at these charities. This action will generate a lot of goodwill, believe me.

When you are an environmentally conscious person, it has to either be all or nothing. Take these steps I have mentioned to make your wedding a green and an eco-friendly one.



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