wedding3This world is so diverse that you will feel like you have entered into a whole new different world.

This fact does not exclude wedding customs and traditions.

They differ across tribes and nations. You may find some customs strange and some funny.

However keep in mind that someone else from another tribe or country may find your customs weird.

The Greek divides the ceremony into two parts namely the service of Betrothal and the ceremony of the Sacrament of marriage. Rings are exchanged in the first service, the service of Betrothal. The bride and the groom have to hold hands through to the end of the ceremony.

They are also crowned with crowns that are connected with ribbon. Then the best man swaps the crowns between the two heads three times. After that, the couple drinks from a wine glass for another three times.

The priest then walks with them around the altar three times. Noticed the number of times they have to do these things has to be three?

People throw rice at the couple and the priest separates their hands at the end of the ceremony.

I’m sure you have heard of this particular wedding custom all over the world, whereby the groom is not allowed to see his bridegroom the night before the wedding. Or he is not allowed to see her in her wedding dress until she walks down that aisle.

So you hold no preference in seeing the wedding dress before the day of the wedding. It’s a shame, just when you thought that you held all the preference on your special day.

Africa is well known for jumping the broom tradition. The broom is said to signify the beginning of homemaking for the new married couple. A drum will be beating in the background during the entire ceremony, in South Africa.

The bride and groom’s parents carry fire from the fireplace floor so they can light up a new fire in the new couples’ fireplace.

In China, the brides wear red wedding dresses as the color represents love and joy. The color may also appear in the candles and gift boxes. When the wedding ceremony comes to an end, the newly weds are given wine and their glasses will be tied together with red string.

In Belgium, the brides’ family carries with them a handkerchief that has her name on it. So after the ceremony, the handkerchief is displayed at home, as a testimonial that their daughter has been married.  Wow! Talk about a proud family.

You should consider trying any one of these traditions on your wedding day just to add a bit of pizzazz!



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