cruise weddingThe cost of an average wedding in America is about thirty thousand dollars, once you have that figure in mind it might be a surprise to know that getting married on an ocean going cruise ship might actually work out a bit cheaper.

Just like hotels more and more shipping lines and big liner are realizing that weddings are big business.

A ship has all the facilities of a large hotel but with the added aspect of romance, something that even the most luxurious of international hostelry can not create.

You can even get married on a ship without leaving the port, which is great if you are prone to sea sickness. Even better, because the guests can regard it as just another venue without worrying about packing for an overnight stay.

There are several very famous ships that are worth a mention. The Queen Mary, which operates from Long Beach in California, is effectively a floating hotel.

There are a variety of packages available from a tiny ceremony for a small party to a much bigger affair involving an attendance of over three hundred.

If you really want to travel back in time then why not consider the Creole Queen which is a Paddle wheeler on the great Mississippi River.

With its lavish Victorian interior it really is a sight to behold and a wonderful choice for a wedding. It is deceptive because there is hardly any history, in fact the boat was actually built only twenty years ago.

It is hard to beat the cruise wedding, because once the wedding ceremony is over, the happy couple can stay on board to enjoy a honeymoon of a lifetime.



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