There will come a point in one’s life where marriage is inevitable. A wedding is every woman’s dream where she marries the man of her dreams and eventually ties the knot to live happily ever after. Usually, the dream of a woman’s marriage is already thought of as a young girl, what comes after, when the time comes, is to follow through of those dreams.

wedding themesWedding theme has become a common trend in today’s world. These themes are usually a combination of both traditional and modern day themes that are well thought of or planned not only by the bride, but with the help of professional coordinators who assist them from planning the guest list to the design of wedding favors to be given after the wedding ceremony and during the reception.

Finding the right wedding theme that couples deem proper and match their interests and dreams can be difficult. One cannot deny that the bride and groom must get the proper wedding theme that they so desire.

If you are a couple planning to get married and have a ton of different ideas but cannot seem to pick the right wedding theme for yourselves, perhaps these basics can help give a broader idea of each:

1. Beach wedding theme

There are a lot of wedding themes that can be incorporated with a beach wedding. We can classify them as Caribbean wedding, tropical wedding, and others. One important detail to take note is that the presence of sand, ocean, and a spectacular view of the ocean horizon is a must.

This type of theme also has tropical colors as its primary color theme, with matching topical flowers to be scattered all over the wedding and reception area. Tables would have to have tropical designs as well as sea shells and other fish designs should be present as a display. During the night reception, proper lighting should be present such as the use of gas torches to light walking pathways.

2. Black and white wedding theme

This wedding theme is probably one we can consider as a traditional theme. Many couples who have gotten married in the past have been following this type of theme. Today, with a modern feel and synergy of current trends, couples and wedding planners alike have added a hint of modern ingenuity. This is where the bride, wearing a white dress, sometimes with black linings, and the groom, wearing a black tuxedo, follow the black and white theme along with their guests.

3. Casual wedding theme

This is probably the easiest wedding theme to follow. It usually takes place at a very relaxed and simple location where bride, groom, friends, and family can wear basically anything they want. This wedding theme is usually closed knit group. Food and wedding cake for reception is usually very simple and is usually prepared by the couple along with their friends and loved ones.

Wedding themes are usually the most exciting and tiring details that a couple has to personally oversee. Weddings are a very important event in anyone’s life and correct detail must be observed. The help of wedding planners and coordinators usually comes in handy, especially if the theme to follow is one of the more complicated ones.



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