Are you in search of whimsical and romantic wedding theme? If so, you can choose butterfly wedding theme.

A unique wedding theme, like butterfly wedding, brings lot of fun and excitement to your wedding, if you plan it properly.

A butterfly wedding theme is completely perfect for spring or summer. But, you must be very careful while planning it.

If you overdo or don’t plan properly, it can become almost shabby. Do it with a touch of elegance and subtleness, so that your guest can remember your wedding along with you forever.

Attire of bride and groom!

The attire of bride plays a crucial role in any kind of wedding theme. So, as a bride, keep your looks light and colorful that signifies your theme. If you are choosing butterfly based wedding theme, pick pastel or bright colors for your bridesmaid dresses.

You can choose any shades of black or orange to match your wedding theme. Now-a-days, accent colors on bridal gowns are in trend. So, you can choose one with light sparkles or ribbon to complement the wedding colors.

Even, your groom’s clothing should match the wedding theme color as well. So, you can include a tie that features butterflies and you can also have a small cloth butterfly pinned into boutonniere.


Tiaras with diamond or rhinestone butterflies can give a beautiful touch to your bridal hairstyle. Your jewelry should easily incorporate your wedding theme. So, use pendants for your necklace, hairclips, stud earrings and also bracelets with butterflies.

Flower arrangements!

This is the most essential part of any themed wedding. For flower arrangements in your butterfly theme wedding, you can pick those flowers that easily attract butterflies.

These kinds of flowers could be any thing from wild flower indigenous to flower of certain attractive colors. Phlox, lilac, asters and honey-suckle are certain flowers that easily attracts butterflies. So, you can choose any of these for your wedding flower decorations.


When it comes to choosing location for butterfly themed wedding, outdoor venues certainly suit the theme best. If you are staging your wedding in any garden, be sure with the plants and flowers.

Otherwise, if you are using your backyard, ensure that your garden consists of flowering plants that attract butterflies. You can also incorporate a butterfly release, if you don’t find any butterflies in your garden.

By incorporating butterfly wedding theme for your big day in your life and including a butterfly release, you and also your guests will be left with wonderful memories for your life.



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