Black and white themes have been popular among all event planners and organisers. The reason is that black and white add a different dimension to the whole event and to the photographic memories of it as well. Few of the most well received and widely used themes for weddings also are black and white wedding themes.

For all the individuals who wish to get their own black and white wedding, listed below are 3 amazing theme ideas. There is description given for every theme to help you get the nip of it and start planning.

black and white wedding theme ideasThe Black and White Ball

This theme has been in play for long but hasn’t yet lost its charm. The fun and allure of a black and white ball are amazing and are used by many wedding all over. The ideas to decorate the whole location based on black and white ball from the royal times.

The cake, the food all has to be royal in feel and black and white in color. The color scheme for all the decorations including flowers is black and white with items fit for a royal ball. The bride and groom must get dressed in traditional black and white but the grandiose of the dress can make the difference.

A Blockbuster/ Hollywood Theme Wedding

The theme is a black and white wedding theme in which the inspiration is drawn from the blockbuster black and white movies of the earlier times. The invitation to such a wedding can be prepared as a film roll or as the clipboard etc.

The wedding location and the decorations in such theme setting generally focus on a specific movie or era of the movies preferred most by the bride and the groom. The guests are also requested to dress up in black and white but as characters inspired by the blockbuster selection. The cake, the food and all of the other components of the wedding also center on the blockbuster theme.

Striped Black and White

This striped black and white extend to the decor of the wedding. The chairs and tables are covered with black and white strips; the whole area of the wedding location is covered with black and white tents (when the wedding is to take place in open) or an equivalent substitute. The bridesmaid and the flower girl can be dressed in black and white strip patterned dress. While the bride and white and the groom in black make the theme perfectly.


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