bird themeBirds have become a popular trend in the world of fashionable wedding themes.

After all people have always referred to you and your partner as “love birds”, so why not have that as your wedding theme.

For a more traditional color palette, you can make use of robin’s egg blue with white and silver or slate grey accents. For winter wedding themes, red robin with either black or brown can be a smashing combination.

You can use the idea of birds in your wedding invitations as well. Choose a bird that you think best represents you and your partner and have wedding invitations with the bird.

There can be an overwhelming number to choose from so it is best to talk to the people doing your invitations on what is best. You can have a picture of two white doves with rings in their mouths.

For your wedding reception you can decorate with natural objects like trees, wooden branches and sticks. You can also put nests on the branches to give it a natural bird habitat look. You can purchase small birds from craft shops and place them in nests or attach them to tree branches.

You can have birds to greet and entertain your guests with their sweet music. However, avoid placing too much of live birds if you are having an indoor reception. They will just mess up your décor and your guests’ attires. The worst that could happen is one of the birds placing droppings on your beautiful white wedding dress.

For your place cards or seating arrangements, you can buy small birds’ nests and fill them with Jordan almonds as “eggs”. Wrap each one with a pretty slip of paper with your guests’ names and table numbers. You can buy a feather pen for your guest book and these can also be given to your guests as gifts.

For your wedding cake and cake topper, you have a cake with trees, leaves and little birds designed for you. Or you can purchase a love bird inspired cake topper.

Instead of the traditional rice tossing, why not have doves released when you leave your wedding reception. Doves have always represented love and peace and they will help symbolize the beginning of a marriage full of love and God given peace.

Be creative with your wedding favors and give the most unique favors that anyone has ever received. Bath soap that is in the shape of a bird’s nest will definitely be a good idea.



  1. Since i love birds,I really liked the idea of birds as part of wedding theme.I’m going to use this idea for my wedding next month.Your blog is such a pleasure. Thanks for the great post.


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