hot air balloon weddingIf you are planning on getting married any time soon, the sooner you decide on your wedding theme, the better.

Everything else is on the basis of your chosen theme and do keep in mind that you want this to be the most memorable day of your life.

There are so many themes you can chose from, you just have to know what you want and be creative.

You need to make this an experience that you will never forget.

The hot air balloon is also a unique and interesting wedding theme if you want this experience to be the most memorable.

Imagine floating high above the world with your loved one, sipping on a glass of champagne far away from noisy traffic and the cares of this world. It’s just you, the birds and maybe a plane somewhere in the distance.

The trip will be horrible if one of you is afraid of heights. It will be a shame and a day not worth remembering if one of you falls sick. Stay on the ground if you can’t handle it.

You can make your own wedding invitation cards that match your theme. A 3-D shaped balloon card will be ideal to match your wedding theme. There are simple to make just follow the simple steps you can find online.

However a wedding balloon theme is more complicated than it looks when it comes to actually executing the theme.

You have to choose a suitable location for your wedding theme, with enough space for landing and the setting of the wedding ceremony. An outdoor garden reception will be ideal for this theme and enjoy the grand entrance as your guests are filled with awe when you softly land on the ground.

You can use a mixture of bright or a mixture of both bright and dull colors as your wedding color theme.

For example, plain white and maroon are perfect for a simple yet elegant display, but if you want something with a lot of life and speaks volumes then you should use bright yet complimenting colours for your decor.

Your floral display should also display a lot of colour so keep this in mind when you are selecting your florist. Watch how beautiful your decor will look when you are up in the sky.

Always make sure you plan the wedding during summer. Hot air balloons do not function well when the weather is unstable with rain or moderate to strong winds. In summer you are assured that your wedding will not be ruined due to unexpected pour downs.

So if you are the adventurous type then a ride in a hot balloon on your wedding will be an experience you will not forget.



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