winter weddingWeddings held in the winter are more difficult than summer weddings to theme. The colors need to be cold to suit the weather.

This means using colors such as blues, purples, whites, greys or simply palettes.

Winter weddings need not be bleak and exciting themes may be created.

The most interesting would be a blue and silver wedding themes, such is the case as blue and silver mostly reflect winter characteristics such as rain, clouds, snowflakes, lightning and even hail.

The wedding decor will include many hues of blue to create a soft, light atmosphere. The chairs will be white and draped in blue satin sashes. The chairs reserved for the newly weds’ entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen will be draped in silver satin sashes.

The carpet leading to the aisle will be a baby blue which is light and will not attract too much attention. Mirrors with silver frames will be strategically placed around the room to reflect all the blues back into the room.

Blue and silver bows and ribbons will alternate to drape themselves around the room to create a contained look.

The draping from the ceiling will depend on the venue which should already be either blue or white. Should it be blue the drapes will either be silver or white or even a mixture of the two and vice versa.

Flowers will vary from blue to white with some green thrown in for good measure. Flowers closest to the guests will be fresh and in the background they may be artificial as blue flowers are not readily available in most countries.

The bouquets will also follow suit and be of that color range but it is mandatory they be real as the bride will have to throw her bouquet later.

If an indoor blue and silver winter theme proves to be tedious you could always choose to have an outdoor wedding right in the middle of winter. A greenhouse made of glass maybe very suitable if one large enough can be found.

A tent may also be erected and depending on which side the wind is blowing, two sides may be left open so as to see the snow falling. Should it be raining all sides of the tent may be sealed and the sound of the rain may still be heard during the ceremony in the spirit of a true winter wedding.

Because of the silver, it is also quite possible to hold this themed wedding in the evening. The lights will reflect on all the silver and create a metallic-sparkling feel to it. The silver will make it look lavish and polished.

Invitations to the wedding may be blue addressed in silver ink and tied with a silver bow. Silver will add a sense of grandeur to the wedding whilst blue brings a sense of royalty.

As per the theme the invitations maybe digital video disks of the happy couple inviting you to their big day.

The underside of the disc which is silver will blend well with the theme. Cutlery will obviously be silver wrapped in blue napkins tied with silver bows.

Plates will be either blue or white with silver decorations. For a smaller wedding, plates maybe stainless steel which is silver in color.



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