fairy tale weddingYou have probably dreamed of this day since you were a tiny tot.

You have pictured yourself in the arms of your own prince charming. And now making that dream a reality should not have to cost you a lot.

Your wedding service does not have to be in a castle or a mansion.

You can choose a ballroom or any room that is large enough. All you have to do is emphasize on the wedding theme you have chosen when you decorate.

You can project your fairy tale by playing around with different pastel colors and ivory decorations. Use pumpkins, castles, satin fabrics, and for that glorious touch, you may have the lovely red carpet.

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, check if the garden has a path. If it does you can transform it into a fairy tale atmosphere by adding candle containers on both sides of the path.

Frames and arches can be decorated with flowers and craftworks, and have a decorated tent and lovely white chairs to enhance the fairy tale atmosphere.

For center pieces you can use lovely wishing wells with various ornaments like birds and flowers for decoration. Another suggestion for your centerpiece could be the use of horse drawn chariots as the type in the Cinderella fairy tale.

Treat your guest with a royal welcome. Serve them in stunning silverware and china plates. Decorate using detailed flower arrangements, have a full music band, a group or a stand alone pianist to provide the music and you can include experienced dancers for the dancing showcase.

You have the option of arriving in a white horse drawn carriage and leave in the same carriage as newly weds. Feel like you are in your favorite fairytale and you have your own prince charming sharing this moment with you. Is it not lovely to share such with the man who is promising to spend the rest of his life with you?

You and your bridesmaids can wear stylish long bell shaped gowns that resemble those in fairy tales and you have to be crowned with a beautiful jewel covered Tiara that shines when the sun hits on it. As for your jewelry, a heart shaped necklace or preferably a necklace made of pearls with matching accessories will do the trick.

If anyone ever side that it is difficult to pull together a fairytale wedding, then that person needs a wake up call, because your wedding can be all that you have ever dreamed of.



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