When it comes to getting married or proposing to the one you love, the first thing that most of us think about is a wedding ring.  All over the world, the concept of proposing or wedding by putting a ring on the finger of the one you love is common.

The ring is worn in the 4th finger of the left hand and is a sign of being engaged or married. These days, the term wedding band is used interchangeably with wedding ring but one must know that there are slight differences between the two. The following is a detailed comparison between a wedding ring and a wedding band.

wedding ring vs. wedding band know the differences

  • It is true that there aren’t many differences between wedding rings and wedding bands
    and this is the reason why people use one term for the other and vice versa. But a wedding band refers to a simpler kind of a wedding ring with mostly just a band and no stones on top of it. On the other hand a wedding ring is usually more elaborate and has a diamond or other stone on it.
  • In a wedding band, there may be an arrangement of small diamonds all over the circumference of the band but in the case of a wedding ring, the diamond/diamonds or stones may be placed on top in a more obvious way and protruding out of the band. This is one reason why a wedding ring is usually more costly than a wedding band.
  • These days contemporary couples opt for wedding bands not only because of their simplistic yet modern design but also because these are more affordable. On the other hand, wedding rings are usually used by men to propose women, either privately or in front of people. This is because women love diamonds or studded rings and proposing with them seems more impressive.
  • A wedding band is usually available in many types of material like gold, silver and even platinum. However wedding rings usually come in silver or gold only. This is so because platinum is an expensive material and pairing it with diamonds or other stones turns out to be overall very expensive in case of rings.

Wedding bands and wedding rings both are symbols of love and it depends upon the personal preference of people when it comes to choosing one among them.

Photo Credit By: ringsview.com


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