While for some the wedding ring is just an accessory of a wedding, others have set some ground rules regarding the size, the material and also the style of the ring. You might think that only the celebrities are this picky when it comes to this object, but there are numerous women in the real world who have the purpose of amazing others.

Wedding Ring EnvyIn the past the wedding ring has been all about the sentimental value, and it has been passed on as heirloom to the following generations.

In this envious and superficial world that we are living in, the main point is for people to talk about the ring that women get.

As it has been mentioned, there are some women who have some really high expectations, and they’re not really hiding them.

Even more, they state clearly to their fiancé that the ring should be made of Platinum and the diamond shouldn’t have less than two carats. Well, this is the right way to do in case you would like your partner to go bankrupt.

In other cases women are more practical and they think about the possibilities available, and they actually discuss their desires with their partner. They know that they could make better use of that money.

Nobody says that women should be wearing a piece of just any kind of metal on their ring finger. Still in case your partner doesn’t have the income of Tom Cruise, you shouldn’t expect him to be willing to spend a fortune on your ring. It is not he wouldn’t want to but rather that he might not have the financial support to afford it.

The worst approach to the wedding ring thing is to be looking for something bigger and more sparkly than I don’t know whose. The engagement and the wedding should be all about you and you shouldn’t worry about the rings that the other people got. It is important for you to like your ring, and it shouldn’t matter what the rest of the world says.

There are some couples who have agreed on picking out together the engagement ring and the wedding rings, and the truth is that in our times this idea is really practical. Although an engagement ring might be a really nice surprise, there are chances that you don’t really like the ring (although you will never tell him) or that the size isn’t right.

Some women feel offended if being asked to get married without a wedding ring. They do not realize that the ring is just a symbol, but the essence of the whole idea is the sense of belonging and also the promise that you make to each other.

Bottom line, diamond or no diamond, platinum or silver, the ring should have the same thing to say: the couple belongs together. In case the ring says “I am bigger and more sparkly than my friend’s”, there is something extremely wrong.

Chances are that the woman in question has the same attitude towards other things in life as well. Does a man really want to marry someone this superficial?



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