Wedding JewelryConfused with what type of wedding jewelry you need to wear on that special day?

As a bride, everyone wants to wear all the elements which enhance the beauty of a bride.

For this, most of the brides want to wear great wedding jewelry sets.

What you need to include in your jewelry collection for that special occasion? This entirely depends on your dress and hair style. Here is a brief idea about what wedding jewelry you need to wear on your wedding day.

Ear rings:

While going to choose ear rings for your wedding, you need to consider your dress and your hairstyle. Dangly or chandelier earrings can appear great with an up do, but can become tangled if you leave your hair. If your dress is elaborate, it is better to wear the earrings which are simple.

The trendiest choices used for a formal wedding include diamonds, pearl jewels and gemstone solitaire earrings. The best way to choose earrings is to try them with your wedding dress. If you are not going to wear a necklace then you can wear more dramatic earrings.

If your gown is sparkly and full of beads then you can wear more subtle earrings that do not detract from your wedding gown.

Hair jewelry:

Depending on your hair style, you can choose plenty of wedding jewelry for your hair. Hairpins, headbands, tiaras, etc can all enhance your hair style. You will find various types of tiaras and it will look great if you wear a crown-like tiara.

Teardrop tiara really looks elegant, because its shape signifies some of the dissimilar feelings on this day.

Also floral tiara is a good example of a thematic part of jewelry. If you are planning for springtime or floral theme then this is a perfect one for you on your special day.

Back jewelry:

Wearing back jewelry is an option for most of the brides. This is suitable for those brides who wear a backless or low-cut dress. You can enhance your look by wearing backwards strings of opera-length gems, or lariat, a back drop. This also adds extra interests for the guests throughout the ceremony.

Neck jewelry:

This is the most important wedding jewelry which enhances your look greatly from the front view. Select the wedding jewelry for your neck which is delicate or bold. If your wedding dress already has an interesting neck design then you can also go without neck jewelry. One thing you should keep in mind is that different pieces work best with different necklines.

Leave a gap between your necklace and the neckline. If your wedding gown is unembellished, you can wear a necklace or long pearls set below the neckline of your dress.

If you are going to choose a pearl set as your wedding jewelry then carefully choose the size of pearls that enhances your neckline.

Wrist jewelry:

You will find your wedding jewelry in various styles and designs. Among which, you will find wrist jewelry of different types.

Generally most of the brides will keep their hands and wrists unadorned. Some of you wear a simple bracelet. If your dress is strapless, you can wear stylish wrist jewelry. Cuffs and bracelets can enhance uncovered arms and shoulders.

So, if you want to enhance your look on that special day then carefully choose every part of your wedding jewelry.



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