A wedding band is the symbol of the solemn affirmation that you will soon be making to that most important person in your life and you want to give some thought to that important piece of jewelry that you will hopefully be wearing for the rest of your life.

wedding bandsThat diamond engagement ring is soon getting a companion and you want to decide what that will be.

If you plan to keep wearing the engagement ring even after the marriage you may want to think in terms of a wedding band that will not clash with, overpower or underwhelm the engagement ring. In any case there are a lot of wedding band options to choose from –

The Traditional Gold Band – For those of us who are not looking to be ‘different’, this is a simple choice that doesn’t require much thought or effort. Gold wears beautifully, it requires no maintenance or care, and many believe gold is good for the skin.

Contemporary Wedding Bands – Many options here – tricolored bands or dual colored ones, woven or braided bands, different hues – many variations on the wedding band to choose from.

Platinum Couples or Eternity Rings – Platinum is the rarest and most precious of metals so if you choose this option, it will cost you a lot more. There are many designs of platinum wedding bands to choose from, which have been coordinated and designed for Him and Her. You can opt for plain or diamond encrusted ones. Usually the man’s version will be thicker and less ornate, the woman’s more delicate and more ornate.

Inscribed Wedding rings – You may want to get wedding rings that are inscribed with the names of the bride and groom, or a special word or message that is close to your heart or which has a special significance for the two of you, or simply an important date – the day you met, the date he or she proposed, or the date of the wedding. Wedding bands can also be inscribed or embossed simply with an initial.

Rings on the high street – there are some beautiful engagement rings on the high street at more than reasonable prices. H.Samuel Engagement Rings are affordable and come in a range of classic designs. Alternatively those who want to make more of a statement might try Durrants diamond engagement rings for something a bit more original.

Rings that ‘Fit’ – Half a heart on one ring and half on the other, make a whole only when the two are joined. If that is too cheesy for you (or your significant other), you might want to try something suggestive; such as one nut on one ring and a matching bolt on the other!

Tattoo Wedding Rings – With this being a popular option for celebrities, tattoo rings are catching on. For more information, check our detailed post about tattoo wedding rings.

Of course, it’s not all about the wedding band. Coordinating jewellery for the rest of the wedding is also important. There is a lot of beautiful crystal bridal Jewellery about so it should be easy to find the perfect jewellery for your big day.



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