Tradition tells us that the wedding bands are supposed to be made of gold or silver, but the tungsten carbide wedding bands for men are gaining more and more popularity. This is because since men often have a physically demanding job, this could be hard on their wedding band.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands for Men

Durability as one of the reasons to look for men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands

It is good to know that tungsten carbide is one of the most durable materials and it is an innovative approach to traditional jewelry. It is quite difficult to dent or to damage the material. This is why it is a good idea to have your jewelry made of tungsten carbide.

Information about wedding bands of tungsten carbide wedding bands

Because it is a very firm material, it can only be damaged by other, stronger materials, such as diamonds. This means that the regular daily activities won’t damage the wedding band and men won’t have to take it off while they are working with their hands.


When it comes to the tungsten carbide wedding bands for men people find it difficult to believe that the material is relatively brittle, compared to other materials used for wedding bands. Nonetheless, the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages.

Why to have men’s wedding bands made of tungsten carbide?

One of the most important advantages that the material has is that there is no need to have the wedding bands repolished because their color and texture simply doesn’t change.

We all know that sometimes the wedding bands change shape because they are worn out, but this can’t happen to the tungsten carbide wedding bands.


In case you are looking for tungsten carbide wedding bands for men, you should know that you will have to order the wedding ring and have it made using exact measures, because it is almost impossible to resize the wedding bands (although this isn’t a difficulty that you have to face in case of gold wedding bands).

The size

For sure you know that the size of your finger varies in time and even throughout the day due to water retention. When thinking about the tungsten carbide wedding rings for men it is best to have your finger measured by the people who will create the wedding band because they will know how to avoid such problems.

As you can see, the tungsten carbide wedding bands for men may seem as a really good option.

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