engagement ringIf you are confident what your bride to be would like to wear as a symbol of your love then go ahead and buy the ring to surprise her.

But if you are not sure then rather ask her best friend for advice and then swear her to secrecy.

  • Do whatever it takes to make sure you buy the correct ring size; nothing will be more humiliating than a ring that does not fit. If it is too big she will complain about your misconceptions about her weight. She will think that you think she is fatter than she really is. If the ring is too small she will feel fat and blame herself that it does not fit. Whichever way, you will lose, rather be sure and not have your familiarity of her questioned.
  • An engagement ring must be suitable to wear everyday with minimal times of removal. It must be completely comfortable so that she is flexible to do every thing that she enjoys doing.
  • The four c’s must be observed when buying an engagement ring. The four c’s referring to color, clarity, cut and carat. Color refers to the transparency of the diamond. The closer the diamond is to being transparent the higher the price. The clarity refers to the number of interior and exterior flaws that are evident when the stone is magnified ten times.
  • A diamond should be cut precisely, this means that the diamond should be proportioned and facetted to bring out the stone’s shine and clarity. The cut refers to the size of the stone. Before going over board and flossing your wealth, first consider your loved one’s character and you can do this by observing her usual jewelry and if she is a modest type then opt for a smaller stone to suit her personality.
  • When you go to the jewelers have an exact amount of how much you would like to spend to avoid going over budget. They will always try to make you buy an expensive one so do not be swayed. Be sure to have the ring insured and to keep all the receipts related to it just in case something happens on the honeymoon.
  • Some men want to propose with a family heirloom, and this may not be of your girlfriend’s usual style. You can merge the two generations by having the ring altered whether the stone or the setting. Sometimes an engraving will make it more personal instead of second hand.


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