The tattooed wedding rings have certainly become a commodity in the last years for many unconventional couples.

The celebrities surely gave us some examples and if Portia de Rossi tattooed the initials of her fiancé Francesca Gregorini on her finger and removed it when they broke up, Colin Farell and Amelia Warner got a pair of tattooed wedding rings only 4 months before their divorce.

wedding ring tattoos

Some of the most famous wedding ring tattoos were the pair of Pamela Anderson and ex husband Tommy Lee. She tattooed her finger, and Tommy – his genitals.

Leaving apart the celebrity extravaganza, some couples get this kind of tattoos until they can afford real wedding rings. Other couples are simply against jewelry and prefer the alternative which is equally binding in front of the world. The more practical reason is working in constructions where a wedding ring would risk to be deteriorated.

Still …if we take all reasons from the picture and leave behind only the fact that some couples really want to not go by the books, the tattooed wedding rings are the chance to be, if not necessarily original, at least originally free spirited.

Choosing the right tattoo for this noble purpose in not an easy job especially because it should symbolize the affection and the commitment the two have for each other. Many couples choose their initials, or an image of high significance, a series of words or letters whose significance only the two can understand.

ring tattoo

From simple lines to intricate designs the wedding ring tattoos step off the pattern of the traditional wedding and going for them implies a little more than just the decision to have a ceremony unite two people in love.

Considering the divorce rate from all over the world, the wedding ring tattoos are quite a predicament. It does not mean that it will happen to everybody who goes for this type of commitment but the option must be considered anyway.

Firstly, removing a tattoo is more painful and more expensive than getting one. The separation would make you want to remove the drawing or the initial that once represented your mutual affection and that is not a pretty picture or an easy, pleasant task.

Of course you should not start a marriage on this assumption but if you plan to be an unconventional couple keep in mind that a tattoo is something if not permanent at least very close to the concept. May this be an extra motif to make things last forever between you two.

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