In case you follow the typical wedding custom, you already know that you need something blue. Take a creative idea and put something blue in your ears, finger or neck.

Simply choose jewels with blue stones and diamonds. There are already perfect suggestions for the biggest day of your life and they fit perfectly any wedding style.

Nordstrom is one of the brands, which are offering perfect earrings, called Nadri ‘La Mer’ Cushion Stud Earrings. They are delicate and beautify your ears with blue stones. The chic suggestion is the perfect accessory, which shows respect for the tradition and in the meantime is another way to sparkle your bridal look.

sparkly stud earrings

In case you are not satisfied with this suggestion, then go for the luxury hoop earrings. The rich blue color is a bohemian offer and goes perfectly with strapless dresses.

sophisticated hoop earrings

Max & Chloe has a special collection with other designs of blue earrings – the stylish dangling earrings “Nugaard Designs Blue Quartz Cascading Drop”. They are encrusted with blue quartz and are a really super stylish decision. These earrings are a perfect accessory that matches any wedding gown.

Diamonds in blue are also a good idea for the wedding, but make sure the blue stones are delicate and refined so to fit your wedding style.



  1. Woww,these blue earrings are chic,sophisticated and absolutely stunning!They look gorgeous on any wedding outfit!Love them!! I want them for my wedding..Thanks for posting.


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