Among the colored stones, precious stones such as rubies and sapphires are the most popular. They are liked for their elegant and durability too. Often they are set in a precious metal with diamond accents for the added effect. Here is a comprehensive guide for those who are looking to buy a ruby or sapphire studded ring.

rubies and sapphires for engagement rings


Until the beginning of 20th century, blue sapphires were more coveted and priced higher than diamonds. They took prominence among the royalty especially the British Royalty that has witness at least three generations of sapphire studded engagement rings so far.

Though blue is the imagery of sapphires, the gemstone comes in almost every color – from white to black and yellow to pink. Picking the right one requires quite a bit of search for the right cut and brilliance as these are the two factors that make all the difference to the final look of the ring.

The best way to wear sapphires is however with diamonds flanking these brilliant pieces. Pink hues are in fashion whereas yellow sapphires for engagement rings are yet to gain popularity. But as of now, yellow and white sapphires can come as closest alternatives to diamonds, for a fraction of the cost. Eragem has a number of rings in multiple designs and price ranges to choose from.


Another gemstone that has become very popular as a choice for engagement rings is rubies. These have a brilliance comparable to and closest that of diamonds. The greater the transparency of a ruby, greater is its brilliance and higher is its rating and pricing.

However, unlike sapphires, rubies have natural inclusions. But if you steer clear of the cloudy ones, you should end up with good quality and lovely rubies on your ring.

The best quality rubies are identified as ‘pigeon blood red’ as they are blood red in color. Even the good variety ones can range from pink to bluish red. You even find orange tinged rubies. The ones to stay away from are the dark ones which look dull and are lower in value.

Like sapphires, rubies are also usually set in precious metals offset by diamonds that are smaller in size. Rubies are associated with love and passion and represent the fire and firmness of friendship. Eragem is a retailer that deals in best quality ruby rings designed for men and women of every age and style.

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