According to the tradition, the ring is brought to the couple at the ceremony on a pillow, but in some cases the couple prefers a ring bearer’s box. It could be a real question which one to use and this is why it is very important that you know about how to create both of them.

First of all, the ring bearer’s box could be a really good way to add a personal touch to your wedding. To create the box, you should start by covering a cardboard box with fiber fill. Make sure that it covers the outside and you can use a glue gun to secure the fill to the box itself.

This fill should be covered by satin material as soon as the glue has dried. Wrap the box in satin and glue the edges with hot glue. Make sure that you have material left to fill the inside of the box. When you cover the fill, tuck the edges in, this way creating a kind of pillow.

There are many things to be used when decorating the box, including ribbon, pearls, and sequins. Stencil might also be used to add the first letter of your names to the box.

Ring Bearer Pillow

The ring pillow can be just as easily created. All you have to do is to take a little linen pillow and decorate it with a piece of ribbon. To make it more decorative, make the ribbon twist and sew it to the middle.

If you would like to find a design that is both simple and a little elaborate, you should go for buttons. You need a simple pillow and some buttons. The point is that these shouldn’t be all the same. The different buttons will add a vintage look to the pillow. To make it you need two pieces of felt and stuffing.

Sew the two pieces of felt together and secure the buttons with blue thread. This way you have something new, something old and also something blue in the same place.

The models that have been mentioned have been created for white pillows, but you could also opt for patterned ones. You can get the pillow done at home if you sew two pieces of fabric together and fill it with filler. The rings that have to get to the altar can be secured together with a ribbon.

In case the one bringing the rings is a little girl or boy it is possible that he or she will slip the pillow and the rings will fall. You could make this job easier if you put a ribbon around the pillow to secure the pillow to the hand of the bearer. This way he or she will have a firm grip of the pillow. Also you could opt for the elasticized ribbons.

There are numerous kinds of different materials to be used, such as linen. To create a truly unique pillow, you should use the pin fold technique. This way the pillow will have a border and it is advisable to make this with a different color.



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