All of us have heard a lot about terms like engagement rings and wedding rings and often consider them to be the same thing. But in actual, there are many differences between wedding rings and engagement rings.  The differences between wedding rings and engagement rings do not make one better than the other but is something everyone must be aware of. The following given is more information on wedding rings and engagement rings.

all you need to know about wedding ring vs. engagement ring

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are those rings which a guy puts on the finger of who he loves at the time of proposing.  This is the ring that the girl wears before her wedding but after she has been officially engaged to the one she loves and has decided to marry. This ring is very special for every woman as she associated it with the special moment of hearing those precious words ‘will you marry me’.  Most engagement rings are studded with either one big diamond or several diamonds and look unique and scintillating. They are of various shapes and sizes but most of them are round, heart shaped or oval.

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings or wedding bands are the rings which both the partners wear or exchange on the day of the wedding.  These rings are exchanged between the partners after each one of them have said their vows.  One of the major different of an engagement ring and a wedding ring is that while an engagement ring is bought by the male as a surprise, wedding rings are often bought together and are almost similar.  In a lot of cases, wedding rings are in the form of bands made of gold or platinum with no stone. The bands can be engraved or studded as well.  This is one of the ways to identify wedding rings from engagement rings since engagement rings have a single or couple of stones or diamonds attached.

Most people choose to wear wedding rings throughout their lives and it is a sign of a person being married. On the other hand, one may either choose to wear an engagement ring or not throughout life or in regular use, depending upon their preference or choice. Engagement rings are more commonly worn between the period of engagement and the wedding.

So now when you know the difference between the two, select an appropriate piece for your loving one.


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