Jewels are major part of your wedding and in case you are going on honeymoon, there are some things, which you should consider before going on some destination with your wedding jewelry.

wedding jewelryFirst and most important is to check the insurance of your jewels. In case there is no such a thing, simply check the Jewelers Mutual.

This is the only national licensed insurance company, which is specialized in jewelry insurance.

For instance, one of the most common insurance policies is the so called “mysterious disappearances” and it is about situations, when your jewels are lost or stolen. The policy usually covers the value of your lost jewels.

It is recommended to insure your jewels before the honeymoon. Some jewelry experts are advising to check the policy well, especially if you travel out of the country. You might have to prepare an international policy, which has to be valid in other countries than U.S.

When you go for your honeymoon, don’t take anything with you. Just prepare the jewels you are usually wearing every day. Do not leave them in your luggage, which is going to be transported by airlines or other kind of transportation. Simply take them with you in your travel bag and make sure the jewels will be locked in the hotel safe.



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