bridal jewelryEvery girl dreams of becoming a bride and walking down the aisle in white satin and lace.

She would be wearing jewellery of pearls or diamonds that may either be old, new or borrowed, but never blue.

That was then; nowadays, a hint of color has permeated even the traditionally white wedding dress.

Jewellery has always been intended to complement whatever a woman is wearing; so the traditionally white gems worn by a bride are now sporting hints of color.  More brides are now looking at jewellery made of Swarovski crystals, colored freshwater or faux pearls, topaz, onyx and other semi-precious stones.  They provide color and brilliance to the bride, making her more radiant without hurting her pocket.

It is no secret that diamonds are very precious, mainly because they are very rare. In order to create a diamond jewellery piece for a bride to wear on her wedding day, tons of earth had to be turned over to locate the diamond source.

The rough diamond is then passed from one craftsman to another, all the while cutting and refining its shape to make the most of its brilliance, until it is set in gold, silver or platinum and resting on the bride’s neck, finger or ear lobes.

Pearls have always been a popular choice for bridal jewellery. A single strand of pearls does wonders in lending shine and radiance to a bride on her special day.  Pearls have always stood for romance, elegance and understated sophistication, the very qualities a bride wants her wedding to have.

Whatever gemstones are used in the bridal jewellery, a bride has to make sure that her jewellery complements and enhances her over-all look and does not overpower her. She wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day and nor her dress or her jewellery should get more attention than she does.



  1. Bridal jewelry is one of the most important accessories of the bride, which adds more
    charm to the aura of the bride.Selecting perfect wedding jewelry not only makes your wedding day most memorable.
    nice post!


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