Whether you have been dating your girlfriend for just a short time or living as a couple for years, you know when the time is right. If that time has arrived, you have a lot of thinking to do.

From how to pop the question and get her to say yes to when to start planning the wedding, there are many things to consider, but one of the most important is how to choose the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart. Engagement ring shopping is not something that comes naturally to many guys, so it is important to get all the help you need. Here are some practical tips you can use to select the ring of her dreams without ending up in the poorhouse.

Enagagement ring

Beware of Discount Wedding Jewelry

Your spouse to be will be thrilled with your frugality when it is time to set up a household and build a life together. But the pre-wedding days are not the time to scrimp and save, and being cheap when choosing an engagement ring is just bad form.

Your girlfriend will understand if you are low on cash, and unless you are Bill Gates she is probably not expecting a huge rock. What she is expecting, however, is that you will choose the ring with care, and that means avoiding discounters and potentially shady jewelry stores. There will be plenty of time to hunt for bargains later on. Stick to quality jewelry stores when shopping for your engagement ring.

She Will Want the Box

There is another reason to avoid deep discount jewelers – the quality of the box will tell the tale. As a guy, you probably do not put much thought into the packaging something comes in – you just want to rip it open and start enjoying the actual product.

Rest assured your girlfriend sees things a bit differently. No matter how practical and down to earth she may seem, she will want to see the box – and you will want to give it to her proudly.

Bigger is Not Always Better

As a guy this may come as a shock, but bigger is not always better. A huge engagement ring with an equally huge carat weight may seem like a screaming bargain, but if the ring in full of flaws that is all she will see.

Instead of focusing on size alone, look for a ring that is a real value. It is better to buy a perfect diamond, even if it is a bit on the small size, than a huge rock filled with inclusions and other flaws.

Seek Help with Your Shopping Adventure

Buying even a normal piece of jewelry can be an intimidating experience, especially for shoppers who know next to nothing about this unique world. Trying to select the perfect engagement ring for your sweetie is even worse, and that is why it is so important to seek help when you need it.

Do not be intimidated to do it alone,nor be afraid to ask for help. Whether you seek guidance from a married friend who has been through their own engagement ring shopping experience, that female coworker with an eye for fashion and deep knowledge of all things diamond, or your own mother, the help you receive will be invaluable in selecting the perfect symbol of your love and commitment.

A Few Last Practicalities

Buying an engagement ring is a deeply personal and emotional experience, with lots of choices to make and many things to consider. From her personal taste and style to your own budget, you will have to navigate some tricky waters on the road to finding the perfect ring.

At the same time, there are some practical and decidedly non-emotional things to consider – like her ring size for instance. When you pop the question, you want to slip that perfect engagement ring on her finger – without grabbing the butter or struggling to make it fit.

Chances are she already has a few rings in her jewelry collection, so finding her ring size could be as simple as grabbing one when she is not looking and taking it to the local jeweler to have it sized. It may take a bit of sleuthing on your part, but the end result will be a happy fiancé and an even happier marriage.

If you need expert help on picking that perfect engagement ring for you wife to be, contact Knox Jewelers, today!

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