Antique or vintage jewelry is unique, nostalgic, and artistic and there are different styles to suit different moods and different events, weddings being no different. When it comes to weddings, most people love to go traditional and prefer antique jewelries these days. There are many options available as far as antique jewelries are concerned and there are even online stores like selling these.

Antique jewelry encompasses almost all types of jewelries that you can think of starting from brooches and necklaces to hat pins and wedding rings. They look enticing and they have been finely crafted by artisans with rare skills. When, it comes to buying antique jewelries, there are several eras from where you need to choose from.

Antique jewelry usually refers to jewelries that are years old and the best place to search for them is your grandmother’s jewelry box. It’s you special day and she would not mind lending you, her gorgeous pearl necklace that probably her mother or her grandmother gave her. This family heirloom would add a lot of meaning to your wedding attire and you will simply rock on that day.

As already mentioned, there are number of stores as well that sell these types of jewelries and hence, if your grandma’s jewelry box is empty, these stores are your best choice. Here are some tips to choose antique jewelry for wedding.

antique wedding jewelryHow to Find and Select Antique Jewelry?

Shopping for antique jewelries require a sharp mind and good eyes. When buying antique jewelry, as a buyer you should know how to verify the pedigree of the jewelry you are buying, so that you are not fooled and you know what you are buying. It is very important that you verify the authenticity of the jewelry you are buying and that can be done by thorough research. Most buyers these days prefer to focus on the aesthetic value of the piece of jewelry and places more value on the design, functionality and the look of the jewelry piece rather than its pedigree or originality.

Are Artificial Antique Jewelry Worth Buying?

If antique jewelries are too expensive for you, then you can also go for the artificial ones that look like antique and vintage pieces but are not that expensive. Older pieces are often very expensive and are not easily available as well. Estate sales, consignment shops and garage sales are good place to search these pieces. If you are in hurry and your wedding is around the corner, you can also search online for auction sites that sell these antique jewelries.

How to choose antique jewelry for the wedding?

Choose Something you Really Like

Rather than going for heavy pieces, it is important that you choose jewelries, you will be comfortable in wearing. Go for designs that are simple and yet elegant.

Match it with your Dress

The jewelries you wear should express your personality and make sure that they match with your wedding dress. Less is more. Look natural and it is okay if you just adorn your neckline with a necklace and wear matching bracelets and earrings.


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