When looking for engagement jewelry ideas the majority of the people are thinking about diamonds. Although these are the traditional gems for engagement rings, there many more, less conventional ideas that the bride-to-be might like.

Pearls and White Sapphires

Pearls and white sapphires

In case you are looking for something more special (and you aren’t on a tight budget), you should consider the engagement rings that come with a cluster of white sapphires and pearls. You can find a ring of this kind for $550.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

The people looking for tips for engagement jewelry should also consider the style of the future bride. If they think that she would like something out of the ordinary, they might choose a ring with a natural blue pearl. The entire ring has a darker color and it can be bought for around $1,600.

Going Vintage

Going vintage

There are some engagement jewelry ideas that come with a vintage look for the brides who like this style. For a really special engagement ring you could opt for an old looking ring with a large blue gem in the middle surrounded by small diamonds.



Sometimes the main point of the engagement ring is to impress. If this is the case, when looking for engagement jewelry tips you should consider the rings with larger gems, such as a moonstone. Such rings are suitable for brides who don’t have tiny hands.

Ruby Heart

Ruby Heart

For a more classic approach to engagement jewelry, you might be interested in a cute small ring with a ruby heart in the middle. This kind of ring is most suitable for the romantic brides. The ring is the symbol of the groom offering his heart to the bride.

Black Diamond

Black diamond

If you are looking for advice regarding engagement jewelry for strong and powerful women, you might want to look for an engagement ring with a black diamond. This comes with a classic gold setting and some smaller sapphires for added interest. Although this isn’t the most impressive ring you can find, it will cost you $5,000.

Before you start looking for engagement jewelry ideas, the first thing you have to do is to set your budget. It is important to know how much you can spend on the ring to know what kind of ring to be looking for. This will also ensure that you won’t break the bank.

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