Trending engagement ring styles are constantly changing, which can make difficulty in finding an engagement ring that your bride-to-be will love for years to come. Fortunately, there are many women’s wedding bands and engagement rings that have remained popular for many years, and are likely to stay in high demand well into the future.

The two of you will be spending the rest of your lives together, so it is essential that you find a ring that she will love for just as long. To assist you in achieving this goal, consider giving the love of your life one of the following five classic engagement rings sure to remain in style.

solitaire style engagement rings

1. Solitaire Style

Considered the most classic engagement ring style, the solitaire ring features just one diamond on a slender ring band of your choice. Graceful, elegant and classic, this is a ring she will love now and for years to come. The solitaire ring is extremely versatile as you can dress it up or down to suit your significant other’s tastes.

Choose from a variety of wedding bands for women to find the best way to play up the center stone. Choosing the cut of the diamond and the setting type are other ways you can personalize this classic choice to represent the personality and lifestyle of your future spouse.

For example, if your significant other has a busy and hands-on lifestyle, choose a low setting that will prevent the ring from becoming caught on clothing or other objects. You also have a variety of diamond cuts to choose from. The Gem Institute of America reports that 53 percent of center gemstones are cut round; however, many other shapes and cuts are just as timeless and pleasing to the eye.

2. Emerald Cut

If your significant other has a classic style paired with an outgoing personality, an excellent ring style option is the emerald cut. This timeless and elegant diamond is known for its clarity, as the flat surface is larger than most diamond cuts and contains fewer facets or alternatively contains flat, transparent faces.

Additionally, the rectangular shape is very flattering on those who have long, slender fingers, and the transparent-looking stone contributes to the overall sleekness of this style. For an extra elegant and simple look, consider pairing the emerald cut with a solitaire style ring.

3. Round Brilliant Cut

According to the American Gem Society, throughout the history of the diamond engagement ring, the round brilliant diamond has remained the most popular choice in cut. Accounting for more than 75 percent of diamond ring sales nationwide, the round brilliant is a classic cut known for its brilliancy and ability to refract light.

The average round cut diamond contains 58 facets, which create a beautiful shine. These diamonds best refract light when they are at a high clarity and color grade. This is because inclusions or blemishes are easier to spot in round-shaped diamonds and more difficult to hide in the setting.

4. Three-Stone

Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trinity rings, contain three stones are similar in size and shape lying side by side.This traditional style is ideal for those interested in a meaningful and symbolic design, as the three stones represent a couple’s past, present and future lives together.

This style is both meaningful and pleasing to the eye and may be tailored specifically to your future spouse’s taste in gemstones. Many choose to have a diamond in the center with other gems on either side. This is a great opportunity to add sentimental elements to a ring by choosing a meaningful accent gem such as a birthstone.

5. Halo Style

Halo engagement rings are made up of a center stone and a circle of surrounding diamonds. This is an engagement ring style that has been thriving in popularity since the 1920s and is expected to remain fashionable for years to come. An additional benefit to this style is that the diamonds bordering the center diamond serve to make the stone look bigger.

Additionally, while the round diamond is the most popular cut, other shapes may be used for this style. This is a nice option for anyone wanting to go with a classic look while adding more sparkle and personality than you may find in other styles.

Just as with any fashion accessory, certain styles of engagement rings come and go. These five cuts and styles are sure to please for years to come. By personalizing these classic designs to your significant other’s own unique style, you can give her a ring that she will love both now and throughout your future together.

About the Author: Laurie Fuller is a wedding planner and engagement ring guru. She contributes to a variety of bridal and engagement ring-themed blogs.

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