If your relationship has entered its serious phase and you are thinking of taking it forward, then one thing that you will need to decide upon is the engagement ring style. There are hundreds of designs, materials, stones, sizes, shapes and varieties of engagement rings out there and it is easy to get confused.

But the one thing that will cut down on your confusion a little bit is making the choice between antique and modern engagement rings. The following are a few differences between the two which might help you:

antique engagement rings

Antique Engagement Rings

An antique style engagement ring not only sparkles with history and sentimental value but can look absolutely classy and elegant as well.  Most antique rings available these days are one-of-a-kind pieces and are difficult to replicate. These rings can be very valuable and may help you take a glimpse into your heritage and culture when you take a look into them.

But before buying one, you must know that it must be antique and vintage in style.  It is better to buy an antique ring from a reputed seller to ensure that you get a genuine one.  One of the disadvantages of such rings is that not everyone may understand its value and will hence not be able to appreciate it.

Modern Engagement Rings

A modern engagement ring is one which is ultra-contemporary and will always be a talking point. Its setting, stones, making and design will all be modern and can suit your collection of jewellery well.  Some of the examples of modern engagement rings are rubies, sapphires, pink and yellow diamond rings which are becoming increasingly popular.

One thing about modern engagement rings which make them better than antique rings is that they are a safe option to buy and will be accepted by anyone you give it to.

Modern engagement rings also have certain disadvantages and one of them is that they are not one of their kinds. Often, these rings are made in multiple numbers and hence they are not unique in any way. Modern engagement rings are also very common and may not always have any charm about them.

So now that you know the differences between antique and modern rings, it is upto you which to choose and which not to select.  Both have their benefits and disadvantages but are both amazing in their own way.

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