When it comes to weddings, the majority of the brides would like to have a special theme that would have an impact on the entire ceremony. You might opt for the celestial theme, and in this case there are numerous options that you have.

One of the most obvious ones is to hold the wedding at night, preferably on a night with full moon and it would be just great if there were no clouds so that the stars were visible.

Wedding Reception DecorationNaturally there is nobody that would be able to guarantee you this, so you might be looking for some alternatives.

The best way to implement the theme is to use decorations at the reception. To create stars, the most useful objects that you could use are the candles.

In order to make sure that nothing will be set o fire, you should put the candles in small glass jars.

You also have the possibility to hang these little jars from the ceiling, and the effect might be improved through the use of numerous mirrors, including mirrors on the ceiling.

The tables should also have numerous candles, but you should make sure that these won’t make your guests uncomfortable.

The colors might also help you with your theme. You might go with the simple white color, and in this case the flowers should be white as well. You could cover the chairs with white tulle, and so the room might turn into a winter wonderland.

If you think you are creative enough, you could also add some white feathers to the decoration.

Other color combinations to use are the blue and white or blue and gold. In this case you could use blue table tops and white or yellow tulle. You may use candles and other items in the shape of stars, but be sure that you won’t use this shape in excess.



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