Designing the wedding reception invitation isn’t the easiest thing to do and so you should look for original wedding reception invitation wording ideas. In the majority of the cases the wording is something like the wording on the actual wedding invitation.

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording Ideas

Ideas for wedding reception invitation wording

You should remember that the reception invitation should have the same style as the wedding invitation. It is very important for the text to contain the date and location of the event. It is also a good idea to offer a response card along with the invitation to encourage the guests to RSVP.

If you use the right ideas for the wording of the wedding reception invitation it will become easier for you to plan the whole thing. Make sure that the invitation contains clear information and it should also give some indication on how formal the reception will be.


When thinking about wedding reception invitation wording ideas, you should know that the wording is always influenced by the circumstances of the reception. It should ensure the readers that there is no local event that some of the guests are left out of.

As tips for wedding reception invitation wordings you have to remember to make the guests understand that this isn’t like a second wedding. It should be seen as a celebration of the fact that you are already married. There are a lot of sources of inspiration that you can use.


For example when it comes to wedding reception invitation wording ideas you should start with the names of the parents of the couple and that they would like to invite the reader of the invitation to join them to celebrate the marriage of their child and his or her partner.

In case of the wedding reception invitation wording tips make sure that you state clearly the date and time of the wedding. Add that you would like the reader to toast with you at the reception. Again, add the date and the location of the reception. This is a kind of wording possibility that nobody can really misunderstand and your guests will be happy with it.

The truth is that there are a lot of wedding reception invitation wording ideas that you could use, but you have to choose those that are suitable for your situation and circumstances and that offers clear information regarding the event.


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