There are several ways to plan your wedding reception, and every time, sensible and creative ideas top the list. One thing to remember when trying to come up with wedding reception ideas is to make sure that the location of your reception is near the location where you hold the wedding ceremony.

wedding reception ideasIf you can make reservations in a nice reception on a walking distance from the ceremony, the better.

Unique wedding reception ideas

Seaside escape

Seaside reception is common to those who opt for a beach wedding. However, some married couple wants to spend their reception in a seaside because of its romantic and airy feeling. Seaside is also spacious allowing better access to everything.

Garden or outdoor party

Outdoor or garden party is one of the top listed wedding reception ideas. Garden setting allows you to use both a gazebo and the surrounding grass ground to invited guests.

Rustic reception

Rustic reception is the more rugged and country settings in wedding reception ideas. Country residents normally held their reception in this kind of theme, however nowadays, with the state of the art equipments and resources and talents, you can turn a city garden into a rustic little country ground as a theme.

Urban reception

Urban reception refers to a modern and city like celebration. Wedding reception ideas such as these are commonly held on hotel and five star restaurants. Urban reception indicates a formal occasion.


Seasonal wedding reception pertains to the basis of your theme. If you are married during the summer, you may want to have your reception in a beach or anywhere that indicates the kind of season you currently have.

Posh party

Posh party is similar to urban reception; however, it contains too much luxury on every details of the occasion such as china’s, cutlery’s, table and table cloths, sound system and everything that goes in a wedding reception. These kind of wedding reception ideas are to a well to do married couples who wants to make their day as special as possible.

Destination reception

Wedding reception ideas can go to the extreme of getting married in another place just to be able to experience a certain beautiful spot you saw in a magazine or previously visited.

Cultural reception

One wedding reception idea you can take is cultural reception. Although some culture does not allow this, others do. Make sure that you have the detailed information and base your reception theme on these cultures.

Wedding reception ideas can be held creatively and not too expensive if you know how to use your resources. It is also advisable to plan ahead of time. In choosing a wedding reception location, make sure that you have all the detailed information you need. If there are unanswered inquiries, do not hesitate to ask. Make sure all agreements are written and properly signed to avoid conflicts and delays. Do not be contented on rates given, instead you can try bargain for a better deal.



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