A wedding needs a lot of preparation, bookings, purchasing and decision making. Among the catering, the cake, the wedding dress and the venue, one thing which is equally important to decide and book in advance is a wedding reception band. The kind of music you play at your wedding is something which a guest takes back home along with the other lovely memories and hence efforts must be made to select the best possible music band. To help you with this, we have a few amazing tips and suggestions.

tips for selecting a wedding reception band

  • Decide whether you want a DJ or live music-these forms of music bands are very different from one another and may cost different as well. Live entertainment has a touch of personal choice whereas a DJ is much more entertaining. The choice is totally yours and also depends on the preferences of the guests you invite.
  • Do your research-another important tip for selecting a wedding reception band is to do your research in advance. You can either choose from a band that you have already listened to at another wedding or may contact new bands and give them a try to pick the one that resonates with you the most.
  • Make sure that the band you choose puts your music preference first-it is advisable to go for that band which will incorporate your music choices and song choices to the show. Yes, the wedding reception band will play its specialties but make sure you hand them over a playlist of your own to enjoy your reception the most.
  • Make the choice on the basis of the atmosphere you want-while some people like soft and romantic numbers for the wedding reception, some may prefer loud and rocking music to dance on. So depending on the kind of party atmosphere you want, you must choose the wedding reception band.
  • Know the audience-sure it is going to be your wedding and the band choice must be yours but if your guests don’t enjoy the music, the reception won’t be a successful event. Hence, besides putting your choice into picture, also consider what your guests like and which music are they expected to enjoy the most.
  • Budget considerations-make your choice on the basis of your budget constraints. If you have a flexible budget, then you can choose any band you like the most but if you have a limited budget, then make sure you book accordingly.


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