wedding receptionAre you struggling to book a hall or the rentals are just too exorbitant for you to come up with just the right amount? Well, then you should consider having your wedding at home.

The entire process of planning a wedding, organizing and actually executing the plan is worth the results of your effort.

No extra expense on rentals, so that means your wedding budget is cut by about 25%. That’s about a quarter of all your expenses that have been cut; besides there is no place like home.

Your wedding at home will be an intimate and personal experience that you will never forget but it also needs careful planning. One mistake and everything may go down the drain.

There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration before you decide on it. You will also need a lot of preparation time.

Before you consider hosting your wedding ceremony at home, you should measure your guest list against the size of your backyard. Is your backyard big enough to accommodate all the wedding guests? If not and you still want to host your Wedding Ceremony Rentals at home then cut down on the guest list.

Invite family and friends only if possible to reduce the crowd. It will also reduce on the amount of food you are going to provide for the ceremony.

Start planting some flowers in your garden for your wedding day, preferably seasonal flowers. Just make sure that these flowers bloom by the time your wedding takes place. Take into consideration your color theme or your desired floral décor.

Use this as your guideline on deciding which plants you are going to plant. For an organized look, make sure you plant in the places that you are going to display the flowers if possible.

You will need to hire white comfortable chairs for your guests. Get simple and light chairs so that you will not have much trouble in moving them from one place to another.

Find a company that is going to deliver the chairs to your home and pick them up after the wedding ceremony. It’s one less worry on transportation of things.

You are probably going to have guests for the night. The bridesmaids, maid of honor and some out of town relatives are going to spend the night or even two days before the wedding. You need to be prepared for this in terms of the food and sleeping space.



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