wedding reception ideasPlanning wedding reception? Thinking of several ideas in making the reception success? There are many ideas which will bloom the reception and add grace to the reception enjoyment.

Many couples plan their wedding simple and give a luxurious reception while covering every one in their family and friends’ circle.

Planning reception is bit risky and overwhelming process as you need to cover every person in your guest list.

Planning the arrangements correctly is the next dangerous task. What about the catering? There are several things to look after for making the reception a hit.

Wedding reception ideas:

Deciding the location: Planning the reception is very good idea, but where are you planning the reception? Know where exactly you are going to plan your reception? Is that location holds all your guests? How can you reach the location? Make sure that your guests do not suffer too much in reaching the location. If the location is too far, many of your guests will not show interest in visiting your reception.

Designing: What should be at the entrance of the reception? What should be the centre-piece in the reception? Which flowers should be used in the reception decoration? If you have followed a theme for the wedding, then see that you follow the same theme in the reception too.

By following the same theme you used for your wedding, you can cut down the tension of choosing a separate decoration and theme.

Catering: Food is the most important thing to consider in the reception. Choosing a perfect food menu for the reception can be a daunting subject. As the reception location will be in any reception hall or any ball room, ask the authorities of the place to help you out in the menu.

If you have included drinks in the reception food menu, see that the drinks will be enough for your guests.

Special activities: Did you plan any special activity? Playing music, dancing to the tunes is the old mundane entertaining activities. Plan some wedding entertainments that are creative such as asking your guests to introduce themselves in the party, making them familiar to each other.

Wedding is combination of two new families and most of the persons in your reception do not know each other. So, introducing each other will be very interesting activity if planned properly.

Reception favors: If you want to give a memory for the reception guests, then the selection can be quite risky. Reception is like a small size gathering and all people in your family and friends’ circle will be visiting your reception.

So, buying gifts for many people sometimes cross your budget and can even empty your pockets. If you do not worry about the money, then prefer giving small ethnic pieces which have a cute message in them.



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