While girls tend to plan their perfect wedding from the age of thirteen, boys do not lack behind either and look for ways and tips to make this special day completely impeccable! Outdoor wedding receptions get to be real special ones amidst natural backdrop – be it the beauty of splashing waves on the rocky shores, or the serene sea line at the horizon, the romantic sequence perfectly blends with nature.

Outdoor wedding receptions can be set in botanical gardens, beaches, shore lines, coastal loops, or the very own backyard. There’s always something special about an outdoor wedding reception and to make the event memorable, we give you a number of helpful tips as below:

perfect outdoor wedding receptionPlan it Well

Have your budget set, venue decided and lists ready for the number of guests to be invited and everything else that you have planned for your wedding day. Planning everything well in advance gives you an advantage of looking for caveats if any and working towards it. Hasty planning is too risky a chance to be taken for such a day!

Have a Backup Plan

While planning is very important, equally important is to have a backup plan to put to use in case of any emergencies. Outdoor weddings’ success relies mostly on the weather conditions and if they are not favorable, chances are that you might have to shift to the substitute plan.

Add Glamour to it by Keeping it Simple

Outdoor weddings have the best advantage in case of the decorations. You can rely on natural beauty without spending much on the glittery in-house decorations. Remember to mow your garden well and decorate the trees with string lights or lampshades.

Give a Due Thought to the Comfort of your Guests

Inform them well in advance about the likely weather conditions on that day and about the location and also offer a route map so that they reach the venue comfortably. Also to keep them well hydrated and cozy, offer drinks such as fresh lime juice and food which does not make them too slouchy for you probably don’t want lazy guests at your wedding.

Customize as Per your Choice

Another advantage of outdoor weddings is that you can put in your personal touch to it.

Unlike the conventional banquet hall weddings, you can actually design it according to your own likes and dislikes. So, do add that special element to it which will make your day memorable and inspirational for others as well as you.

With all the tips mentioned above, do keep in mind the little costs that you might have to bear here and there. Therefore, in such cases, it is suggested that you rent contractors who can take care of all the settings, thus, freeing you from all the worries.

Wish you a happy wedding!

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