wedding ceremonyMany of us dream about our big day in a huge gorgeous cathedral or maybe a chapel depending upon our religious affiliation.

However lately there has been an increase in the amount of nuptials and wedding ceremonies that are being performed at homes, mansions, bed and breakfast venues and other such locations.

The idea of the bride walking down a wooden, historic and spiral staircase to her loved ones, family and most of all her adoring fiancé is an image most of us have always dreamed of.

Many of us prefer small and intimate to 500 and chaotic. Many of us prefer to spend less than $10,000 as opposed to more than $40,000.

The options for a venue that will hold your wedding ceremony and your reception increasingly become more plentiful as of lately. There are mansions in nearly every city that will rent the entire mansion or a portion of the mansion for 4-6 hours for around $1,000-$2,000.

Then, depending upon what other things are important to you in regards to that day you can choose after the venue.

Another benefit to choosing a bed and breakfast or mansion is that they will oftentimes provide rooms for the bride and groom.



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