Most certainly you are a unique person and so your wedding should also be unique. For this you may be looking for a special venue that will be suitable for your personality and the personality of your partner. There are some unique places that you could consider.

Unconventional Places to Get Married

Take it to the extreme

For sure you have heard about couples who decided to tie the knot in an extreme situation. Such extreme cases include getting married while skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing. Usually people get ideas of this kind while thinking about their hobbies and the things that they like.

Garden party

You may like the idea to get married in the garden. This can be a tribute to your parents and also something able to fit a small wedding budget. However you have to take into consideration the climate and the potential weather problems. Tables, tents and lighting decrease the number of things that can go wrong.

Private or public park

If you are on a tight budget it is a very good idea to have your wedding in a park. In case of the public parks you usually have to pay a small fee. The advantage is that this way you will have some privacy and you will get married in a truly romantic setting.

Historic building or museum

In case you would like your wedding venue to be meaningful, think about the historic and cultural buildings in your area. These offer a lot of possibilities to have fantastic photos. If you think that stone or marble looks too cold, you should have some flowers in the background.

The City Hall

Nobody says that the wedding reception must take place at a fancy location. You have the possibility to hold the reception at the City Hall. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to do that much planning and you won’t have to worry about the venue, not to mention that the costs related to the reception will be quite low.

Country club

The majority of country clubs have facilities both indoors and outdoors to make your wedding magical. Nonetheless you should know that renting a place like this might be quite expensive, not to mention that there could be some restrictions if you aren’t a member of the club. Naturally there are some clubs that have smaller fees and that can make the dream of your childhood come true.

It’s indeed a challenge for wedding planners to find unconventional places but it helps to have to custom business cards so that people can contact you easily.



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