Your wedding day is sure to be one of the most amazing days of your life. It’s the day that you and your partner stand before your loved ones and declare your love-for each other, so you’ll want to make sure your day is as close to perfection as possible.

There are so many different aspects that go into making a wedding special, but before you can focus on any of the smaller areas you must first select a venue that will cater to all the requirements of your ceremony. This could make all the difference to the tone and style of the celebration.

wedding venue for your big day

Here we offer a quick look several of the venue types that can give you some good ideas for planing your wedding day.

Country House Wedding Celebration

Having your wedding in the surrounding splendour of a luxury country house estate will certainly make for a memorable occasion for you and your guests. You can escape the hassle and noise of the city to enter a fairytale-like setting, and these stately homes can be booked for whole weekends during which the structured schedule of wedding timetables can be avoided, like those that come with registry office weddings.

The photo opportunities provided by country house weddings are also amazing as the exhilarating surroundings of rollicking country hills and green landscape will make for a setting like no other.

Livery Hall Wedding Celebrations

If you want to capture the grandeur of a country house wedding without having to leave the city you can instead arrange for your wedding to take place at one of London’s beautiful livery halls. These venues are some of the best hall hire London has to offer as they have an amazing history beginning when they were once home to the influential livery companies of the 14th century.

Each of the many halls located around the capital bring a unique element of culture to a wedding ceremony thanks to refined décor that consists of the hall’s original interior design, furniture, ornaments and portraits. Each hall is different, thereby allowing for a wide range of different styles to choose from, such as the stunning Glaziers Hall venue near London Bridge which was once homer to London’s glass artisans.

Such grand luxury will make for an impressive spectacle for your guests while allowing you to create wedding photos with a timeless aesthetic that ensure they never look dated.

This striking vintage appearance will impress your guests while creating a aesthetic that guarantees you get wedding photos that boast a timelessly beautiful appearance.

Marquee Wedding Celebrations

Celebrating your wedding in the relaxed and humbling surrounding of a marquee is a choice that couples select for their big day every year. A marquee is beautiful simply on its own in the surroundings of a garden wedding in the city, or instead complimenting the aesthetic of a country house wedding.

Marquee weddings are also a great alternative for couples who don’t want to rely on the existing décor of an indoor wedding venue when creating their wedding images. This allows a couple the creative freedom of making their marquee become a reflection of the vision they want for their wedding.

In addition to offering the opportunity to arrange unique decor, the layout of a marquee can also be easily altered in ways that an indoor venue can not. This means that the floor plan of the ceremony can be constructed however the couple wish. From guest tables and bar areas to the dance floor, every aspect of the ceremony’s setting can easily be custom made.

A marquee wedding is best arranged for the warmer months of the year, especially during summer and late spring as this is when the evenings stay lighter; thereby providing for outdoor photo opportunities late into the evening.

When you have chosen a venue ideal for your wedding, all the other arrangements that will make your big day special can begin, allowing you to have a wedding that you’ll cherish forever.


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