Since marriage is an important part of all people’s lives, a lot of them choose to marry in the city where they grew up, or a place where their near and dear ones live. But the truly romantic and adventurous at heart often search for exotic locations to tie the knot. The weddings in such destinations might be a bit difficult to arrange, but no doubt you will have a life time of memory if you choose that option.

5 Amazingly Romantic Wedding Destinations Around the Globe

Below given is the list of the beautiful locations across the globe where you can plan your wedding.


jamaicaIf you want to have a romantic sea beach based location for your wedding, Jamaica might be the best place for you. The lush sandy beaches, the sea, and the mountains are picture perfect for a beautiful outdoor event. There are a lot of hotels who can arrange a wedding, and it is advisable to just choose a resort and leave the rest for them to arrange while you enjoy the sunny seashore.


italyThere are plenty of places in Italy where you can get married to the love of your life. The first place that probably comes to your mind is Venice, the city of romance. And if you are a bit of a history freak Rome can be another ideal location for you. Just think of the gorgeous vision of a Tuscan sunset; can you imagine anything more sublime? The Italian food can be another reason for you to have a wedding in the country.

Las Vegas

las vegasIf you are the wild types, then Las Vegas could be the ideal place for you two to get married. There are a number of nice chapels there to exchange your vows. And, after that, you can have the party of your life, with the casinos and nightclubs all along. Even the exchanging the vow part can be made really exciting with Elvis impersonators marrying you off, or you can have a ceremony in the cars in the drive up of the chapels. There are several hotels and resorts which can provide a venue for the reception.


santoroniLocated in Greece, this town is the perfect place to have a quite ceremony. The town is picturesque with crystal blue waters bordering it, and beautiful stucco villas all around.


denverIf you love forests and a bit of adventure sports, then Denver is probably the place for you. Not only the scenery is great, you can also enjoy a bit of white river rafting or mountain biking on the sides.


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