The most important thing you need to remember about Playa de las Americas is that it is the party capital of Tenerife in the south coast of island. It is a lively resort, surrounded by scores of clubs and bars where thousands of revellers come all year round for 24-hour festivities. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe.

The resort mostly attracts pleasure-seeking young couples, and is starting to get very popular as a wedding destination. Not only is it mind-blowingly gorgeous, it is also packed with live music venues, restaurants, cabaret bars and nightclubs, which are excellent for exotic wedding after-parties.

Most of the happening nightlife venues are situated on the one-kilometre stretch known as “Veronicas.” As soon as you enter the area, the music pumping from doorways, neon lights and vibrant people dancing in the street will set your mood for the night. The best part is that it comes alive every night of the year.

Unlike the rest of Tenerife, Playa de las Americas, the party capital of Tenerife is specifically meant for party-lovers. However, after the hustle bustle of your wedding is over, you can enjoy some quiet time with each other outside the lively resort. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, you can head to one of the calmer places of the island.

One of the reasons that make this place such a wonderful site for getting married is the sun-kissed beach and the perfect climate for an outdoor wedding. Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events for your guests who will get to enjoy the inviting beaches and the fabulous weather.

If you have some time to kill here, make sure you see the 18-hole Golf las Americas course, situated right in the heart of the resort. The picturesque views, lush green gardens and twisting lakes are worth looking at even if you are not a golf enthusiast. However, if you are interested in trying out you golfing skills, you may also want to head to Golf del Sur in the south.

If you are in the mood for some water sports after the wedding is over, you and your newly wed can choose from a large number of water activities available at the resort including jet-skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

A dolphin or whale watching cruise or a trip on a pirate ship will make your wedding trip unforgettable. You can cherish the memories of your seabed journey in a yellow submarine many years after your wedding.

In short, this place can offer you an indulgent break and a very special venue for your lifetime celebration. It is the perfect location for your wedding getaway where you can not only have a lot of fun but also find peace and safety at the same time.



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