Every girl dreams about her wedding taking place somewhere magical and being simply perfect. As girls grow into women, their expectations change and they might become more practical.

Weddings in Park

Still they would like a nice and special place for the big day and one of the top picks of the US brides is Central Park in New York City.

Since the park is really big, there are numerous locations that you might choose from, such as the Conservatory Garden, the Pond, Ladies Pavilion, Cop Cot, Cherry Hill, Bethesda Terrace and so on. Another location that you might like is the Boathouse of the park.

This might be the perfect place in case you would like to have a terrace or a windowed room and a beautiful view over the lake. The maximum number of guests that you could have is 200, but you can also get some extra space for a higher fee.

In the majority of cases you will need to purchase a permit to be allowed to hold your wedding in Central Park, unless the number of guests that you will have is below 20.

Even in case you have a permit, you aren’t allowed to use any objects that might affect the soil. Such items include chairs, tables, tents, rugs, runners, flowers, rice and confetti.

Chairs might be brought only for the use of elderly and disabled people. So if you plan to have a frugal reception, green and eco-friendly, the Park’s rules will make sure you get your wish.

There are some wedding organizers that might help you with the planning, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

The planners would make sure that you have the permit, the reservation for the reception, the flowers and decorations and anything else that would make sure this will be the most beautiful day of your life.



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