One of the must have accessories in a wedding these days is a far-flung locale. Destination weddings are one trend that is definitely not going away any time soon. Whether you plan an intimate beach soiree or a giant church gathering. What are you waiting for? Pack up your wedding dresses and go!

Here’s a look at the year’s hottest destinations to host your wedding.

London, England

2011 will forever be dominated by the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Those wishing to recreate the royal’s happy day are high tailing it to swinging London. Although, Westminster Abbey is off limits (the famous church that hosted the spectacular wedding) the rest of the city is chock full of perfect spots to say ‘I do’.

From the iconic Tower Bride to the huge Ferris wheel like structure, the London Eye. A fun and unique idea could be booking a pod in the London Eye and exchanging vows overlooking the historical metropolis.

Samana, Dominican Republic

This budget-friendly beach destination has been a popular choice since the 1960’s. But, recently this exotic country has been given a makeover. Now, the DR is looking to attract visitors by promoting remote retreats in the Samana Peninsula, which many consider to be the prettiest part of Hispaniola.

In addition, they are making it easier to reach by laying a newly paved highway from Santo Domingo to Samana – which has cut travel time to the off-beat destination in half.

Jaipur, India

In Jaipur, nothing is too ostentatious or luxurious. Reminiscent of an era gone, Jaipur boasts some of India’s most flamboyant and grandiose palaces. Couples looking for a royal treatment – Indian style, can experience a royal Indian wedding as celebrated many years past – complete with authentic wedding garb and processions.

Jaipur is full of history, shopping, and amazing food. It’s easy get caught up in the magical buzz of this ancient city. Rightfully named the ‘pink city’, Jaipur has everything for a couple looking to say ‘I do’ in utter class and flash.

Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand

Weddings are all about new beginnings and what better way to usher in a new life than on top of the world? Well, on top of one of the world’s tallest glaciers anyways. Mt. Cook is a range of pristine glacier mountains, which boast an impressive variety of untouched glaciers.

Most of the glaciers can only be reached by helicopter; therefore, couples looking for a unique and intimate wedding can think about declaring their love in this exciting national park.

Nadi, Fiji

Fiji has long been a favorite wedding hotspot of the rich and famous. But, why should they be the only ones relishing in this striking island? Pack the bathing suits, wedding attire and heading to this tropical oasis. Many couples will soon realize that Nadi is nothing short of spectacular.

Featuring many big name resorts; Nadi still is strong in their Native Fijian culture, while still enjoying some of the world’s most exotic beaches. Nothing says romance like kicking off the shoes – leaving your footprints in the pristine white sand, standing hand in hand while the vibrant sun sets. All set over azure waters, with your future.

Of course, a destination wedding would be incomplete with out the perfect wedding gown. Whether you are getting married in a destination that is cold, warm or hot, your dress needs to reflect the climate but also your personal style.

Choosing the perfect dress is no easy task, however, most of the time your budget plays a big part in what dress you end up choosing. Since a destination wedding isn’t always budget friendly (especially if you are having a larger wedding) your dress can be something that doesn’t have to break the bank.

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