weddingThe fashion today when planning a wedding is to find an unusual location and make it as different as possible. The only limitation is your imagination.

If you are an action type couple then getting hitched doing something daring that you love, will be a dream come true.

Bungee jumping, sky diving or underwater, not to mention on the top of a mountain or even deep in the rainforest.

If you can get to somewhere, with two witnesses and a priest, or designated person who can marry you then it can be done, some how. Natural surroundings appeal more to some than others, often a couple will have a favorite place in the world, which seems the automatic choice for a wedding venue.

Some may prefer a safer and drier place to exchange their vows but that does not mean only a church or hotel. For theatre lovers, many top stages are realizing the potential for hiring out a piece of their historic surroundings for a wedding.

It has all the elements for a grand affair steeped in intricate detailing and adds a bit of fun which appeals to many.

Art galleries and museums may seem strange but they offer their own sense of uniqueness and if it has any appeal then it is worth considering. Other ideas may include a baseball or football stadium, a horse track or other sports stadium.

In fact you never know it might even become popular again to get married in a beautiful church again, after all what comes around eventually goes around.



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