Looking for an unconventional approach to get married? Then make travel as part of your wedding experience. Incorporating travel in your wedding is a great way to make your special day most memorable.

Wedding planning in an exotic spot that can take a little more work, but the rewards make it sensible. Caribbean weddings can be romantic, simple, private or large formal affairs.

caribbean weddingsIf you have decided for Caribbean wedding, you need to consider several things for your guests and yourself:

  • The locations you choose for your wedding should be convenient for your guests. Budget and some other requirements make it a dispute for lots of people to go away.
  • The trip should be affordable for your guests.
  • The location you have chosen should be interesting for your guests to spend some days.
  • It is better to choose the location that can also be suitable for your honeymoon.

Various islands in the Caribbean are exotic, easily accessible and are ideal for your honeymoon. In fact, Caribbean is one of the top honeymoon destinations along with Hawaii, Las Vegas and Jamaica.

Here are five hotspots to consider for your Caribbean weddings:

The south coast of Jamaica: It is among the world’s most popular waterfalls. Y.S. falls in Jamaica is a usual choice you can accommodate in a serene landscape and rain forest. The seven waterfalls in Jamaica add great beauty to your ceremony.

Boca Tabla in Curacao: This is located in western region of island and is a wonderful location for outdoor enthusiasts. You can also look at the natural bay for most spectacular views of the region. This is an ideal place for exchanging wedding vows in a most natural setting. Sea caves here are well-known for their tall waves as they expand out to the open sea.

St. Thomas: This is one of the most popular destinations for Caribbean weddings and also for honeymoons. But, Paradise Point is an ideal place to take in the best of the island. Here, you can find hotels and romantic tramways that trek across valleys and hills.

The baths: It is located in British Virgin Island. It is a great location for private grottoes, secret caverns, and lots of lush vegetation and sparkling sands on the hills of the island. This is located on the southern tip of the Virgin Gorda, Devil’s bay beach is just around the corner for even more unique settings.

Maracas bay: It is one of the finest beaches in Trinidad. It is an ideal location for natural waves and off-white sand. This is situated just off the beachfront. Your wedding can take place right on the coast or on the hill above the bay.

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