hawaii weddingHawaii is a great wedding destination because of its consistent weather patterning. This allows for a wedding at any time of the year.

It has short showers that are followed up with distractingly beautiful rainbows that will make you almost glad you got wet.

Jamaica boasts of cultural diversity but Hawaii has weather diversity to offer. How many islands can say they have deserts, snow-capped mountains and rainforests all in one?

When getting married in Hawaii, the most difficult obstacle you will face is choosing exactly which island you want. They are all equally spectacular and also breathtaking.

Maui is probably the most romantic of all Hawaiian Islands. It hosts a number of several luxurious hotels. The best beaches in the world can also be found here and you can have your pick as to which one will hold your wedding.

For dramatic newlyweds, the Hana Highway will be very appealing. It is also best suited for adrenaline junkies as you will drive on a road that is plagued with cliffs and hundreds of twisting bends that will be fun to maneuver.

The view will be spectacular as you will be overlooking the lush jungle and exquisite beaches. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So why not have a Hawaiian themed wedding complete with indigenous musicians and their delectable cuisine.

Kauai is also known as ”The Garden Isle”. It is a true reflection of the Hawaii you always see in the movies. This is because it was the location for great movies like Jurassic Park.

The majority of activities here are mostly outdoors oriented. The weather is generally perpetually sunny despite Mountain Waialeale being the wettest spot on the globe. Do not be discouraged as other parts of the island are temperate.

If you are looking to marry where the richest man decided to wed, Lanai is your solution. It has been nicknamed as ”The Pineapple Island.” This nickname is resultant of the fact that it is the host to Dole Pineapple. This island is small for exclusive and intimate weddings.

”The Friendly Island” is the nickname that was given to Molokai. It is truly unique because it has managed to remain almost untainted by commercialization such as golf courses and huge hotels.

You get to enjoy the mellow mood and go sight seeing on mules, cars, foot and even on horse-drawn wagons. Nature-lovers will get a thrill out of exploring the beautiful beaches and in participating in offbeat tours of the ecological and cultural sights.



  1. Hawaii is the greatest place to plan the most unique weddings – that is for sure!For me, Hawaii is the most beautiful place on earth.I love getting married in this romantic place.Thanks for the lovely post!


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